Content Management Systems

The demand of information on the web has grown manifold. There is an increased expectation and need to get current information 24 X 7 on the web. Over a period of time, a site that is only dozen of pages, could grow into 1000s of pages. Not only it would require more scalable infrastructure to host the site, but the continued maintainence of the site could become a nightmare if not handled properly. Enterprise Content Management Systems are the solutions to handle these ever content evloving sites.

Content management has grown to become a process used by the stakeholders to plan, create, manage, store and distribute content. Content Management has been traditionally implemented by many organization using their custom built applications. As we all know, custom in house built applications results in higher costs, maintenance issues, scalability issues, learning curves for new developers etc. COTS tool are helpful to overcome all these drawbacks of custom built inhouse applications.

Content and its version control management is no longer limited to just plain html pages. Besides web pages content needing version control, audit control, can include images, documents, streaming media, news releases, pdf files, audio files etc.

We have expertise in supporting following Content Management Systems:

  • Percussion CMS
  • Word press CMS
  • Drupal CMS
  • Vignette CMS

Content Management systems have 3 main modules. The first module is for developers to create templates. Templates are more of placeholders that can used in conjuction with data to create web pages. The second module is publishing engine. In a nutshell, publishing module is responsible to take templates created by developers and content created by content editors; and generate web pages.

  • Sharing of content or snippets across within several pages of the site or even multiple Web sites
  • Separate of styles and content makes easier for non-technical staff to update content
  • Facilitates Revision control and Audit control of the content
  • Built in workflow management to maintain the approval process chain and control
  • Ensure consitency across the site as it uses templates to generate pages

We have developed several sites using Percussion Content Management System. We have designed custom templates, global templates using velocity that are hosted on Percussion Workbench. Besides, our team has worked over a period of time on Percussion Content Explorer. This has give us good experience on Content Management for big sites. We specialize on best practices for developing on Percussion CMS.

Our expertise in handling special built Percussion modules (Preprocessor, Post processor and Web Service extensions) have helped clients to automate various functionalities that are not provided out of the box from Percussion CMS.