ILOG Rules Development

Traditional development of applications needs a dedicated Business Requirements iterations prior to start of software development. Every time there is a change in the Business requirements, it involves a new iteration of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). With the growing technology expectations, it becomes next to impossible to develop a software that can have built in all the rules. Also it is not possible to evolve (or update)your software applications for the changing requirements.

Given above limitations, business rules come into play. Instead of embedding business rules inside the application, rules are exposed to Non IT/ Business users. Essentially, for technical team, business rules should be of non concern, as it is not their domain expertise. Business users who are Business expert have a better understanding of rules. Giving the business users power to update rules as per business needs, will go a long way both in increasing the business turnover, as well as reducing the software defects.

There are many business rule engines. Some of the major ones in the industry being: ILOG, PEGA, Visual Rules, and Drools. At JInfo Systems, we have the expertise working on ILOG and Drools. Our Business Team and Technical Team can work with you to do a complete analysis of the current requirements that you have to best judge the separation of the Business Rules from the existing software application. We have worked with various versions of IBM/ ILOG and Rule Studio.

Again using business rules and a BRMS (Business Rules Management System) to automate various tasks to improve business decisions is a very powerful and valuable investment. Again business rules full blow implemenation may not be worth for some of your business needs, but it is time to do an analysis to see how and what portions of your applications can be engineered or reengineered to take advantage of BRMS Technologies.